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Quintet Co., Ltd. (株式会社クインテット Kabushiki gaisha Kuintetto) was a Japanese video game developer, founded in April 1989 by two former Nihon Falcom employees (Tomoyoshi Miyazaki and Masaya Hashimoto, notable for creating the Ys series). The company name is derived from musical terminology, as well as five elements of game design (planning, graphics, sound, programming and producing). Quintet operated during the 1990s, when it had a strong relationship with Enix (now incorporated into Square Enix). Quintet has not been active since the 2000s and is likely defunct.


Tomoyoshi Miyazaki was the director and president of Quintet. Before Quintet, he was the scenario writer for the first three entries in the Ys series. The other founder, Masaya Hashimoto, was the designer and programmer for those Ys titles (as well as main director). The company's headquarters was in Tokyo, Japan. Quintet would go on to work with Enix to make games for the SNES.

Quintet released their first game, ActRaiser, in 1990. Yuzo Koshiro, who also worked on the Ys games, composed the music for it. His sister, Ayano Koshiro, drew the character designs.


  • April 1989 - Quintet is founded.
  • December 16, 1990 - ActRaiser is released in Japan on the SNES
  • November 1991 - ActRaiser is released in North America on the SNES
  • March 18, 1993 - ActRaiser is released in Europe on the SNES
  • September 1, 2004 - ActRaiser is released in Europe on mobile phones


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